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Tuesday, 25 November 2008 11:09


The Sex Offender Registry helps protect our families and communities by requiring sex offenders to register, and providing this information to law enforcement and to the public.  Information regarding the New York State Sex Offender Registry can be found at the official website, There you can search for information regarding the program, its rules, and the current list of offenders who meet the criteria for their information to be released to the public.  

Sex offenders are classified by risk level:

  • Level One (low risk) – are required to register for a minimum of twenty years.
  • Level Two (medium risk) and
  • Level Three (high risk) – are required to register for life.

Police and law enforcement have access to information on all sex offenders, regardless of their level.  However, under the law, information on level one (low risk) offenders is not available on the public website.  Only level two and three are listed on the public website.


There are three (3) ways to get information about registered sex offenders in New York State:

  • Call the Sex Offender Registry at 1-800-262-3257
  • Go to the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (website listed above)
  • Local law enforcement agency (can release information to “entities with vulnerable populations related to the nature of the offense”)

For any further questions, you are welcome to contact the Juvenile Aid Bureau at (716) 692-4317.

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