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Monday, 27 July 2009 10:02

Any dog that is owned by a resident of the City of North Tonawanda, which is six months or older, must be licensed according to City Code of North Tonawanda.  The application can be picked up at North Tonawanda City Clerk’s office, 216 Payne Avenue, North Tonawanda, NY 14120.  For more information on what is needed to obtain the license, please contact the Clerk’s office at (716) 695-8555.


It is unlawful for any owner of a dog in the City of North Tonawanda to permit or allow their dog(s) to:

  • Run at large
  • Be off of the owner’s property unleashed
  • Allow habitual loud howling, barking or whining

     “Barking Dog” is defined as a dog that barks continuously for ten (10) minutes

       or intermittently for thirty (30) minutes.


  • Allow damage or destruction to public or private property
  • Chase, leap or harass bicycles or motor vehicles
  • Bite, chase, jump or harass any person that would cause them to be intimidated or fear bodily harm or injury
  • Be unlicensed when six months or age or older

More information can be found in the Noise Control article.  Any questions or complaints regarding dogs of North Tonawanda can be directed to Police Dispatch at (716) 692-4111.

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