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Tuesday, 25 November 2008 14:42


A Uniformed Traffic Ticket (also known as a traffic summons or just a “ticket”) contains all of the information you need. When you are stopped by an officer, NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law states you must present your Driver License, Vehicle Registration and proof of insurance. This information is used by the officer to write the traffic summons.


Be sure to read both sides. The top, left portion of the summons contains your information as well as the vehicle’s information. Below that is the time and date of the offense, along with the Vehicle and Traffic Law violation section and description.

The bottom section of the summons is your appearance information. It contains the date, time and address of the appearance. Please pay particular attention to the date and time. If you do not appear, a warrant of arrest may be issued. If you are unable to attend at the specified date and time, please contact the North Tonawanda City Court at (716) 845-7240.

The right-hand section of the summons allows you to plead guilty and mail in the summons. Just follow the printed directions. Questions as to how to plead guilty, request a trial, or mail in a fine should be directed to the North Tonawanda City Court at (716) 845-7240.

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